Why Is Insulation So Important?


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You may just think of insulation as that itchy, cotton candy-looking stuff that’s endorsed by the Pink Panther. However, insulation is vital for homeowners and renters alike.

Made from a variety of different fabrics like cotton and hemp, or even wood-based products, insulation helps to create a happier, healthier, and even safer household in a number of ways to assure that any occupant can rest easy.

Maintenance Issues


If you have installed an HVAC system in your household, routine maintenance is a must. One of the leading causes of shorter lifespans for these systems is a lack of insulation that forces homeowners to crank up the AC to its max capacity or ramp up the furnace during the winter months. These leaks and cracks can also lead to rodents and cockroaches making their way into the building.

Insulation is a cost-effective way to lower heating and cooling costs, sealing ductwork or windows to keep cold or hot air from rolling in where you may have your HVAC system or other appliances established throughout your household. You could notice an immediate change in your monthly energy bills with a property manager or homeowner seeing a return on this low-risk investment anywhere from six months to two years.

This also keeps any unwelcome critters at bay and landlords from hearing from tenants about an issue with any creepy crawly. Insulation should be considered as not only part of maintenance, but a priority for any new home under construction to avoid the issue arising down the line.

Noise Complaints


If you’re living in an apartment complex, you should do everything you can to be the best neighbor. However, your upstairs neighbor or downstairs neighbor may get upset with you quickly because of the noise coming from your unit day and night. In reality, inadequate insulation might lead to complaints about noisy tenants, and cause that warning to come sooner than later.

Property managers should consider wall and floor insulation for preventing loud noises from seeping through and getting complaints from their tenants. This effort in soundproofing could block out any type of noise be it from your TV, music, or even your new puppy. A word of advice for first-time dog owners, if you have a new pooch, be sure to alert neighbors and your building owner. A potential complaining tenant may be thwarted in their grievance if they are aware of a puppy in potty training.

That noise issue could actually lead to some advice on pet ownership if they have a dog of their own. They’ll welcome the furry new neighbor down the hall.

Poor Ventilation


While a lack of insulation can lead to a flux in the indoor temperature, there are other issues that can arise due to poor ventilation. Homeowners or tenants could notice excess moisture building up within their household, with a common complaint emerging regarding ventilation in their attic. This can lead to mold.

Of course, mold not only leaves a lingering, musty odor, but it can be detrimental to the health of anyone inside a home. This is especially dangerous for elderly people and small children. These odors should be viewed as a warning sign of a huge problem.

If you as a homeowner or tenant recognize frosted-looking shower doors, discoloration of flooring and grout, and early signs of rust on pipes, that could alert you to the presence of mold. This accumulation of indoor pollutants and dampness can be remedied by stronger insulation within walls and flooring. This also comes with the cleaning of any vents throughout your household on a regular basis to assure that your happy home remains a healthy home as well.