Why Air Quality Matters in Your Business


a room with people sitting at tables

In the business world, the ambiance of your workspace is interlinked with its reputation and growth, so it’s no surprise that business owners do everything possible to ensure their office area is of a high standard. One of the key elements of a good business atmosphere is air quality, which offers great holistic benefits. Below are reasons why you should ensure your business space has good air quality.

1. It promotes good health.


Employees spend an average of eight hours at work. Their workplaces are an extension of their lives. It’s, therefore, important to make sure the environment is conducive for their health. Dust mites from carpets, mold, pollen, pet allergens and dander causes allergy symptoms in some people. Try to keep the airspace free from these common allergens (including those that cause pet and dog allergies). They can trigger asthma attacks, shortness of breath, watery eyes, hives, excess production of antihistamines, and cause havoc to the immune system.

In addition to eliminating these allergens, try to make sure there’s also no bad smell lingering in the air. Pungent smells are always discomforting and unhealthy. Try to regularly disinfect and sanitize the work area. In addition, standard air-conditioners with high-quality filters should be used to enhance ventilation.

2. It provides a conducive environment for clients.

When a client comes to your business, you want him/ her to leave satisfied with both the service you have to offer and the impression they have of your office. The feel of your business environment should be comforting to that person. You don’t want your customer falling ill after visiting your office. This can sometimes result in a lawsuit, triggering unforeseen legal costs. This is when public liability insurance and general liability insurance will come in handy.

To prevent such an occurrence, here’s your guide to public liability insurance from the Days 3 blog. Their article offers useful information on what is and isn’t covered with public liability insurance. By getting this from a reputable insurance company, you can avoid incurring high costs in legal fees and medical expenses as a result of a customer experiencing bodily injury at your business.

3. It enhances the reputation of your business.


Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most efficient marketing methods. Usually, this is sparked by an excellent customer experience or a unique selling point of your business. However, sometimes, it’s also sparked by the environment of your business.

For example, if you own a restaurant or hair salon, it’s important that the ambiance is inviting. Adding a few plants here and there with a bright, minimalist approach will likely leave a positive mark on customers.

These customers will spread the word about what they encountered. It’s even better if your shopfront displays what the inside has to offer. With the natural inquisitiveness that humans possess, you’ll lure passing pedestrians. No doubt, a good reputation translates into the growth of your business.

4. It promotes staff efficiency.

An environment with healthy air and reinvigorating quality will make employees at ease. With no fear of falling ill and no discomforting feeling, the tendency is for them to go about their operations smoothly. The probability of also stepping out to take a breather is limited. Chances are, they’ll spend a long time in such an environment than one with bad air. The amount of time spent in addition to the consistency of the comfort in your building is directly proportional to the output. Employees will meet targets faster. This will enhance the overall productivity of your business.

5. It limits expenditure on sick pay.


The poorer the quality of air at your workspace, the more likely it is for workers to fall ill. If you pay workers sick pay, this will cost you more in the long-term. There is also the possibility of your staff pressuring for you to increase their insurance premium and risk allowance. Costs are also incurred from contingency measures to continue workflow when workers fall ill.

All in all, an environment with high-quality air saves you all this stress. The health of your workers and clients is guaranteed. Furthermore, resources that would have been spent in catering for medical expenses would be saved. You can, instead, channel all these expenses into more productive measures.