Treating Opioid Addiction: Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse


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It’s no secret that the statistics for every type of drug abuse in most countries are at an all-time high. However, it’s not just street drugs such as heroin and cocaine that are causing these addictions and many times death prescription drugs such as opioids are becoming increasingly dangerous as well. 

The problem is, as a parent, spouse, or even a concerned friend, you don’t want to accuse someone you love of having a prescription drug problem. However, if you don’t take action, the consequences can be something you or your loved ones don’t want to have to deal with. Keeping that in mind, in this blog you can find a few of the signs and symptoms that your loved one might have a drug abuse problem. 

They use more of a drug than a doctor recommended

Doctors always give an assigned amount of a prescription drug you are supposed to take. That assigned amount is supposed to last for a certain time period. If your loved one is running out of their pills early, then there may be a problem. For example, if someone is taking two Vicodin every morning, instead of the one pill her doctor prescribed her, then she may have a drug dependency that needs to be dealt with. 

They have been in an accident or pulled over 

If your loved one has been pulled over for DWI because she had prescription drugs in her system that affected her driving, then there may be a problem. If your loved one is having little accidents or has been in a car accident that she can’t explain, then she needs help. 

The last thing anyone needs is to cause an accident while they are under the influence of prescription drugs. If you were with your loved one and were injured through no fault of your own there is a car accident injury attorney out there that can help. 

They use the drugs in a way that wasn’t intended

Prescription drugs are intended to be used in a particular way. Most pills are only to be swallowed. If you catch your loved one crushing up the pills the doctor gave them to snort them, then they are doing it to get high. This might be because they think it helps with the pain. However, that’s not the case and your loved one needs treatment as soon as possible. 

They have built up a tolerance to the drug

While it is fairly common for different people to have different tolerance levels when it comes to prescription drugs, it is also a major sign of prescription drug use. If the medication isn’t working like it used to, then they need to consult their doctor to see about getting off that drug altogether. The one thing you don’t want to try to get your loved one to do is just quit a drug they are addicted to cold turkey. Talk to their doctor instead and get them the help they need. 

They undergo sudden mood swings

One of the most common signs of prescription drug abuse is mood swings. Drugs can cause explosive and wild mood swings. For example, one minute your friend may be happy-go-lucky and the next she may be ready to fight, all without any rhyme or reason as to why. 

If you have noticed any of the above signs and symptoms of prescription drug abuse in your loved one, it’s important that you get them into addiction treatment as soon as possible. If you are in the area, then there is a drug rehab in Ontario that can help your loved one with their addiction. Most of these rehabs are reputable, have high-quality treatments, and plenty of privacy so your loved one can get the help she needs.

The longer you wait to get your friend or family member into treatment the worse it will be. Don’t let them hit rock-bottom. Get them the help they need to start on the road to recovery now.