Tips for Moving Your Restaurant to a New Location


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Moving’s a colossal undertaking. When you’re moving a business, the stress of relocating’s compounded because your move can significantly impact your business’s success.

Your location determines whether consumers can access your site, who your restaurant will appeal to, and whether you’ll be able to retain employees. Using the steps outlined here will help you find a great location and successfully move your restaurant.

Choose a good location.


Issues with the location are the main reason new restaurants fail. Working with a real estate agent is a great way to establish location features, such as whether a large parking lot’s essential for your regular patrons or if it’s best to be near public transit. Once you locate the right property, your real estate agent will walk you through the process of finalizing a contract.

Put non-essentials in storage.


Moving involves multiple steps, so it’s a good idea to start moving non-essential items to storage as soon as possible. Use a storage facility locator tool to find a storage unit near your new location to reduce the time it will take to move your non-essentials once you’re in your new location. You can save on storage costs by comparing deals and locking in your monthly rate.

Storage units come in various sizes, ensuring you can find storage options with enough storage space for your possessions. Some storage facilities offer access 24 hours a day, ensuring you can access your property whenever it suits your schedule.

Work with an interior designer.

Interior designers use textures, colors, and other decorative features to complete a home or business’s look. Your interior designer will create the ideal atmosphere for your restaurant. Transform your restaurant’s image with a decorative facelift that will make your restaurant stand out. A redesign will entice former patrons to check out your new location, and it can attract new clientele.

Hire a moving company.


When it’s time to pack, let a professional moving company handle the job. Movers can provide all the supplies required to pack your property before loading it into a moving truck and transporting it to a storage unit or your new location. Once there, your moving crew will unload your items and place them inside your new location as directed. You won’t have to struggle to do the heavy lifting yourself or find people to help you move items. You won’t have to add driving a moving truck through the city and parking it at your new location to your “to do” list, either. Professional movers reduce your physical workload and stress during a move.

Communicate with your customers.

Take steps to ensure your customers know you’re relocating. Communicating about your move is the first stage of your reopening plan. You can hand out flyers with coupons for your new location, ensuring patrons have your new address and an enticement to visit your new location. You should also issue reminders if you have a mailing list. Post large signs at your current location as a reminder of your upcoming move.

Plan for your reopening.


For your reopening campaign, it’s a great idea to update your website and create promotional materials. Hire restaurant photography experts to capture shots that show off your new site’s best features. You can add food photos to your updated website and use professional food photography to promote menu items on social media. Expert food photographers know how to show off items from your menu in the best light, ensuring you have mouthwatering images for your reopening campaign.

Host a grand reopening.


The ultimate goal of moving your restaurant should be a successful reopening in a new location where your business can thrive. Pair your reopening with a marketing campaign designed to draw attention to your restaurant and convince people to enjoy a meal at your new site. You can plan a series of special reopening events such as offering specials on menu items and featuring live music from local bands.

Moving your restaurant to a new location is a huge task. Using the steps outlined here is a great way to simplify the moving process and ensure your success in your new location.