Tips for Bidding at Boat Auctions


a group of sailboats in the water

At an auction, the right bid price ensures that the full value of a boat has been captured, and the potential of the asset will be covered. 

Many bidders visit salvage boat auction marketplaces to get a sense of what’s out there. This helps them narrow down the perfect boat for their needs while getting pricing estimates from various dealers.

There are key considerations that all bidders should take into account prior to placing their bid. These include the model of the boat that they’re bidding for, their budget in mind, and the demand for the boat overall. Keep reading for more details.

Research is key

When it comes to bidding on the right boat, it’s important to conduct extensive research. It’s important that boat enthusiasts also learn more about the model and make of the marine vehicle, to estimate the right bid for the asset.

Research will help you get the right results, while allowing you to gain the upper hand during the bid. You can even place a bid early as you get a feel of the market for that boat. This can help you set the right tone for a boat that you like.

By understanding the preferable range on all options available, you can set the right pace for your auction. However, when the competition heats up, you’ll be able to keep a cool head as you understand its market value.

It also helps to work with someone that is a boat aficionado. They can provide critical assistance in terms of key insights when it comes to complex world of boats. They can help shape your bids better, while giving you the right tools to make a calculated decision.

Secure your payment

It’s important to place the right bid at the right time. But it’s also important to secure your bid quickly. Whether you’re doing this through an online platform or placing a bid physically, you’re able to work more transparently when securing your payment correctly.

You can immediately transfer the necessary money, or work through the channels listed by the auction house. If there are certain hoops to jump through, then you should have that knowledge upfront and early. This can help you get closer to your prized possession faster. You’re also able to generate trust with the auction house, who may provide access to early-bird auctions.

Consider the extent of any repairs

When procuring a boat at a boat auction house, it’s important to analyze the extent of repairs that may become necessary.

These would have to be borne by the bidder, who then has to calculate the overall cost of complete repairs. Whether the boat needs a new body or there is an engine replacement in the works, it’s important to get the boat in good shape prior to taking it out in the sea.

As there are different types of marine vehicles in the open sea, they will have their own set of repairs that need to be performed. Jet skis are incredibly popular these days, with salvage titles being a viable option. Sail boats are also one of the most popular vehicles that bidders want to procure, requiring extensive repairs if older than a few years.

The best way to approach a boat auction is to find a handful of niche options that are rare or highly valuable. These assets generally have a higher than average lifespan and can fetch a better price in the aftersales market.