Scientifically-Backed Ways to Feel More Confident


a woman smiling and holding a microphone

The thing that people love the most about superheroes is that they make people feel like anything is possible. When you see Batman save Gotham City from the Joker or watch the Avengers save the entire universe from Thanos, it’s entertaining—but it’s also empowering. It makes you feel like you can overcome the obstacles in your life as well—in other words, it boosts your confidence.

Confidence is a double-edged sword if there ever was such a thing. When your self-esteem is too high, it can get you into serious trouble and cause you to ruin relationships. Conversely, when it’s too low, your self-esteem weighs you down like an anchor. When you’re just right, that’s when you’re operating from the superhero within. There are ways to get back to feeling like your strong, confident, superhero self again—keep reading to learn how.

Go Into Your Headspace and Figure Out What’s Eating Your Confidence

When your self-esteem is running low, your first objective is to figure out what’s zapping your confidence. You could be dealing with feelings such as a lack of accomplishment or rejection. Whatever the source of your shortage in confidence is, you need to find it and clip it at its root.

Within recent decades, meditation has become increasingly popular in the US—and for good reason. Research shows that spending a few quiet moments every day examining your thoughts helps you to understand your feelings, reduce stress, and improve focus.

Take the time out to learn a few meditation techniques and choose the one that suits you best. If you stick with it, then through the mindfulness practice, you’ll discover specific events that stole your joy and confidence.

Maybe you grew up with a physical trait that kids tend to pick on such as discolored teeth. The best thing you can do is start at the source of what triggers your negative emotions and fix it. Something as simple as a visit to the community dental clinic could be the first step toward you regaining your self-confidence.

The point is, you can’t reclaim your confidence until you know how and where you lost it, so give your mind time to reflect, recover, and rebuild. Clothes your eyes, then open your mind and get to the root of your low self-esteem.

Be Mindful of Your Body Language and Engage in More Physical Activity

Did you know that most communication is nonverbal? If you don’t believe it, then just watch a sad person try to tell a joke. They may say the most humorous thing ever with their mouth, but if their body is sending a message of sadness, then the joke may as well be bad news.

Believe it or not, your body language doesn’t just send signals to people around you—it also sends messages to your brain. Your brain and body are in constant communication with each other—telling each other what’s going on with you. Something as small as correcting your posture could put you in a better mood and boost your confidence.

Another underestimated aspect of living a happier life is getting exercise. For years biologists, doctors, and physical trainers have been telling people that exercise releases endorphins into the brain, which induces greater happiness. Furthermore, being physically fit boosts your confidence because while you’re building your muscles, you’re also exercising your discipline and persistence. In other words, you’re showing yourself that you can do anything through action!

Get a Makeover

A great way to instantly boost your confidence is to get a makeover. There’s nothing like a manicure, new hairdo, some magnetic lashes, and professional makeup to make a woman feel brand new. Few things trump a spa day followed by a night on the town to bring Wonder Woman back to the surface—where she belongs!

No matter what you do to rebuild your self-esteem, the key is you. Once you believe in yourself, the rest of the world will follow.