Painless Services To Get Through a Dental Injury


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It isn’t a pleasant fact to consider, but the truth is that each one of us is at risk for a personal injury at any given time. Something as common as a slip and fall at work can result in broken bones or other serious injuries that require immediate medical care. Falling face-first could even result in a dental injury, such as chipping or breaking a tooth. Other common causes of dental injuries include strikes to the head or face, sports injuries, and even car accidents or truck accidents. Motorcyclists are particularly at risk and should always wear motorcycle helmets to minimize damages.

A dental injury can be described as any personal injury that results in damaged or missing teeth, as well as injuries to the gums. Dental injuries will almost always involve bleeding, and they’re likely to cause swelling and intense pain as well. If you’ve suffered this trauma in a crash caused by negligence or criminal action by another driver, or you’ve otherwise suffered a dental injury due to the actions of an at-fault party, you’ll understandably want justice and fair compensation for your medical bills, emotional trauma, and any lost wages caused by the experience. Before you get to that, however, you’ll need to seek some (mostly) pain-free services to deal with the injury.

Get immediate emergency treatment, if necessary


Depending on the severity of the injury and bleeding involved, you may need emergency medical treatment following a dental injury. You’ll want to get such treatment as soon as possible, both for your own safety and so your medical records can properly document the cause of the injury. This, along with the pace of your recovery, will be important for your personal injury case later on. You may receive anesthesia from emergency services as they determine the extent of your injuries in order to make your experience as painless as possible.

Be sure to follow any recommendations you’re given for medical treatments, as you’ll most likely be referred to a dentist. If your medical records show that you aren’t taking your recovery as seriously as possible, then the defendant may be able to discredit your claims.

Look for dental drill replacements


There are many dental procedures that require the use of a drill, at least until recently, in order to treat patients. Generally speaking, a dental drill will be used to remove tooth decay or shape teeth properly before the insertion of a dental crown or filling. A drill scraping against soft tissue is often a painful experience, even with an anesthetic. Fortunately, you can skip the drill, thanks to solutions like Solea laser.

Thanks to Solea, the noise and vibration from drills are practically eliminated, taking care of the most unpleasant parts of a dental procedure. In fact, many patients who experience Solea even choose to have an anesthesia-free appointment, since the dental laser means it isn’t needed. Solea is the first CO2 dental laser to be approved by the FDA for use on both hard tissue and soft tissue. It also uses a computer-guided wavelength pattern to ensure that all drilling is as painless as possible, making it perfect for anyone who’s suffered a dental injury.

Hire a personal injury attorney


Once you’re stabilized a bit, it’s important to go ahead and contact an attorney. While the statute of limitations to file an injury lawsuit is generally two years, this can be a long process, and it’s best to get it started right away. Look for someone like this personal injury lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Whether you’ve had your injury claim unfairly denied by your insurance company or you’re seeking justice against the wrongdoer who caused your dental injury, having a personal injury lawyer with years of experience on your side gives you your best chance at a successful verdict. Just remember to bring your medical records, photographs of your injuries and any property damage suffered, and any other relevant evidence to your initial consultation. This shows a lawyer that you’re serious about your case, and they’ll be more likely to take your case on.