Mouth and Dental Injuries: Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


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Mouth and dental injuries are fairly common and can include things like chipped teeth, knocked out teeth, tongue lacerations, or gum injuries. Of course, these aren’t the only possibilities. While the teeth and tongue are the most obvious targets for a dental injury, you can also easily damage the roof of the mouth, jaw, lips, and tonsils. Mouth injuries often bleed severely due to the high amount of blood vessels in the mouth, so these injuries are often frightening.

There are several common causes of dental injuries such as falls, sports accidents, or being hit in the face. Traumatic events like car accidents or assaults can easily cause dental injuries as well. Like with any injury, the way to treat a mouth injury will depend on its severity. While most potential causes of these injuries are purely accidental, you may be owed compensation if your injury was sustained due to intentional or negligent actions. If you believe you were injured by the wrongdoing of another party, you may want to hire a personal injury lawyer. Here are some of the best reasons why.


Most people are fortunate enough to not have much experience with severe injuries or legal cases. Filing an injury claim can be a confusing process, and it can be especially disheartening when an insurance company denies your claim. Personal injury lawyers are familiar with the system and the obstacles insurance companies will try to put up. They’ll handle the red tape each step of the way, and they can argue your case in court if it comes to that. They’ll also save you from having to deal with the defendant’s lawyers, and you can rest knowing you have the best representation.


Injury lawyers also have far greater resources than the average person. For example, they’ll be able to work with investigators who can closely examine all the evidence and details surrounding the case. Whether they need to reconstruct the scene, interview witnesses, or collect reports, your attorneys will do everything in their power to ensure you have the strongest case possible.

Low Risk

Perhaps best of all, hiring a personal injury lawyer typically isn’t risky. Most work on a contingency basis, meaning you’ll only pay legal fees if you win. Fees are generally covered by a percentage of your winnings upon a successful outcome. While this is great for you, it does mean that taking on injury cases can be risky for lawyers. You’ll need to present them with a strong case to convince them to take you on.

Tips for Success

Medical attention: Seeking medical care as soon as possible is the most important thing you can do after an injury. Particularly when you have a personal injury case, getting immediate care is important to prove your injuries came from where you said they did. You’ll also need to follow any recommended treatment, like a visit to Bronx emergency dentists. This keeps your medical records up to date, which is vital for your case.

Collect evidence: Before your initial consultation with a lawyer, you should gather as much relevant evidence as you can. This includes photographs of your injuries and the scene. With any luck, you’ll have some from when the incident occurred, but even returning to the scene can help add context to your statement. If there are any witness reports or police reports attached to the case, be sure to bring them.

Keep in touch: Just because you have a lawyer on the case doesn’t mean your role as a client is done. You’ll still need to keep in regular contact with your attorney and report any developments in your condition. You never know what could be relevant to your case, so clear and honest communication is a must.