Male Enhancement Pills That Get The Blood Pumping


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Weak erections and erectile dysfunction are by no means a rare occurrence. Plenty of men wish that they could maintain much harder and stronger erections in the bedroom. The good news? There are ways to increase the blood flow to your penis, providing you with increased penis size and better sexual performance. Additionally, you don’t have to rely on the assistance of potentially harmful prescription medications in order to do it. If you want to target issues like impotence with the assistance of all-natural supplements, here are a few tips for finding a great male enhancement pill that’ll really get the blood pumping.

1. Look for comprehensive support.


When it comes to taking male enhancement pills, a little experimentation is always necessary. Not all sexual enhancement supplements will work for all men, which may be due to the fact that most nutrients are destroyed in supplements, reducing their efficacy and preventing you from getting the most out of the active ingredients. If you’ve had problems with other pills on the market, consider turning to Erectin for help.

Erectin is a male enhancement product that uses enteric coating on its capsules to ensure that the formula is absorbed in the GI tract rather than destroyed in the stomach. With herbs like damianoa, ginko balboa, and saw palmetto, Erectin male enhancement pills give you the boost that you need without the undesirable side effects that you’d experience taking medications like Viagra. Try a comprehensive product like Erectin if you really want to boost your testosterone levels and your sex life.

2. Consider a little known product called Yohimbe.


Yohimbe is an interesting product that stands out from the pack due to its being from the bark of an African tree rather than an herb or vitamin-like most other natural erectile dysfunction (ED) are. Working in a similar fashion to SSRIs, this product is said to release epinephrine and norepinephrine and increase blood flow to the penis. That said, Yohimbe can have side effects like increased blood pressure, anxiety, and heart palpitations. Make sure to consult your doctor about taking this supplement and see if you may need to pair it with another in order to increase its efficacy and reduce risk.

3. Panax ginseng may help you improve your sexual function.

Panax ginseng (or Korean red ginseng) is one of the most well-known herbs for ED use as it’s said to not only increase the girth, strength, and duration of your erections but also boosts your libido and offers more satisfying sexual intercourse. While it’s generally considered safe to take for your short-term needs, there have been reported side effects like insomnia, vertigo, and headaches.

4. DHEA may in testosterone production.


As we age, our bodies produce less and less testosterone. However, another hormone makes less of an appearance as well. This second waning hormone, DHEA, plays a role in our overall testosterone levels. It’s believed that men can take DHEA if they’re suffering from ED and a lack of testosterone may be the culprit. DHEA is arguably the safest product out of most natural supplements. The only side effect that you may need to look out for is acne.

Taking pills to provide you with a stronger sex drive, better erections, and increased sexual performance can be helpful in the bedroom. However, many pills that you would get at your local pharmacy can be quite harmful. Instead, reach for the all-natural, over-the-counter supplements and pills listed above to get the sexual support you need.