How to Plan a Post-COVID Resort Trip


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The COVID-19 pandemic canceled plenty of vacation plans. Whether it was a short-term trip across the pond or just a weekend getaway to a resort, the uncertainty of the coronavirus put life on hold. With the COVID vaccine now gaining accessibility and more being learned in how to keep from catching or spreading the virus, there is more confidence than ever for travelers to get back out there. Here are a few tips to gear up for a getaway.

Getting the Vaccine


In a testament to science, Coronavirus vaccines are now becoming more available to the masses, after initially just being available to people 65 and older, or on the frontlines in the pandemic. With companies like Pfizer and Moderna putting forth vaccination, the next step is getting in line and getting a shot.

In the United States, vaccinated people are gaining some more leeway in their ability to travel. The CDC has announced that fully vaccinated travelers are authorized to travel safely in the U.S., with an easing of restrictions for international travel as well. U.S. citizens are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery. Face masks are required on planes and other forms of public transportation. It’s all part of maintaining a top priority in keeping people safe as they adjust to the new normals of travel.

Safety Protocols


After being shut down for over a year, many destinations and resorts are looking forward to welcoming you back. Caribbean islands are taking COVID-19 safety protocols especially seriously. Staff at resorts are undergoing daily temperature checks, and are having guests do the same. In St. Lucia, a person exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus is sent to a respiratory clinic while their family is isolated to a resort room.

Resorts are encouraging guests to wear face masks in group settings where they may not be able to keep six feet apart. However, venues are using their large space to assure that people can safely dine, or lounge by the pool with enough distance to keep a comfort zone and a sense of safety for you and your travel companions.

Hospitality remains paramount at the venues with rigorous cleaning procedures on display, disinfecting guest rooms and other hotel areas thoroughly. This includes spraying down luggage with disinfectant upon a guest’s arrival and providing private experiences to assure each guest’s safety. That can include take-out food options as opposed to the traditional buffet, or whatever it takes to assure that you feel comfortable knowing that you can enjoy your vacation with little to no fear of contracting COVID-19.

Soaking It All In


While travel habits will be changing because of the pandemic, there is more to your getaway than just the logistics. It is important to be able to take time to use that vacation for its intended purpose: an escape. As long as you have your face mask and are vigilant about social distancing, there is no reason to feel as though you have to limit your enjoyment.

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a short term trip, it is important to take control of your own life and your own celebration on your vacation. For some, that getaway can be more than just a quest for relaxation. For some, it could be answering God’s call as part of a global mission. It is important to spiritually prep for your short term mission. For believers, this can be as simple as carrying a journal during a mission trip, or even having tangible tools for team members to use from their local church to better spread the message of God.