How to Increase Online Sales Amidst COVID Restrictions


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The state of the world and business industries has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to health and safety concerns, the way businesses operate feel as if they’re forever changed. Having a full on-site staff of salespeople and other team members isn’t currently practical, nor is it safe.

In order to stay afloat, online operations are a must for many businesses. The most crucial aspects of conducting business online are optimization and engagement. In order to provide your existing and potential customers with a system where they can easily and efficiently find the products, they need in a way that stands out from your competition.


Ecommerce platforms are lifelines to small business owners. Having access to an effective eCommerce site lets business owners continue to connect with their customers on a person-to-person level, even when it’s not possible to meet face-to-face. With the right eCommerce integrations during this time, you can effectively communicate product launches, site-wide sales, and time-sensitive discounts to new and existing customers online. Online shops are currently the priority for the majority of business owners, and this is why having powerful integrations for your eCommerce, POS, and ERP sources is essential right now.

Easily set up and integrate your ecommerce store.

As a business owner, it’s never been more important to have comprehensive online sales channels than it is right now. Having an expansive eCommerce platform for your existing and potential customers is a great way to supplement any losses in sales from the closure of brick-and-mortar stores. Your eCommerce website is your direct link to your customer base, and this is why having custom integrations is essential to your online business systems. Online orders have already become the main focus of many business owners in recent years. The convenience of online orders for customers makes it easier for online stores and merchants to meet their bottom line.


NitroSell offers merchants an eCommerce integration that’s customizable and expansive. Their integration solution software creates connectors for your different systems and order data. Their software includes automation, analytics, and other features that can completely change your online business processes. The eCommerce integrations that NitroSell provides offer POS, order fulfillment and shipments, and order data analytics solutions that work with your existing website and business systems.

Rather than relying on various different business systems and platforms for their online store, NitroSell’s eCommerce integration solution lets merchants employ custom integrations that work as connectors for all these different systems. Without these custom integrations, the various eCommerce platforms that merchants employ for their online stores can’t communicate with one another. This makes it difficult for your custom data to be transferred through the necessary channels. NitroSell’s eCommerce integrations streamline your team’s workflows and optimize the retail experience for your customers.


The benefits of eCommerce integrations are immeasurable. In a time when small business owners so heavily depend on online orders and sales, eCommerce integrations help optimize online sales channels for retail businesses. There are various POS and ERP systems that streamline specific aspects of business processes, but when these systems can’t communicate efficiently with one another, both you and your customers suffer the consequences. The last thing you want to do is complicate the customer experience during a time when you’re depending on the performance of your online store. Your eCommerce platform should simplify the shopping experience for your customers in every aspect. With the right integrations, you can seamlessly track orders and fulfillment, as well as custom data, from various sources. This ensures your custom data is accurate and consistently up to date.


It’s crucial for business owners to not underestimate the importance of their digital resources during this time. ERP and POS systems are changing the way businesses operate online. Many business owners also utilize accounting systems and other digital solutions to simplify their operations, but without the right eCommerce integration connectors for your eCommerce platform, business owners could be unknowingly complicating the online shopping experience for their customers. Having advanced eCommerce platform integrations allows all of your digital systems to sync up with one another and create a seamless transfer of customer and order data throughout all of your sales channels.

Include captivating product photos and videos on your site.

One of the most effective ways to capture your customers’ attention and encourage sales is to focus on visual aids for your online shop. The photos and video content that you include on your eCommerce site set the tone for shoppers, and they are a great way for promoting products when you own a small business. Just like how social media helps business owners and influencers promote products and services, your website should be seen as a channel for promoting your products, not just a marketplace or shop. It’s a good idea to include in-depth product information and compelling product video and photos on your product page because this can directly improve the customer experience.


Sometimes it’s a good idea to bring on a video producer or professional photographer in order to create the best product videos and content possible for your website. Coldea Productions specializes in product videography and photography for website product pages as well as the company’s social network pages. Depending on the type of video you need, their video producers are experts in storytelling and can create the perfect product video for your business. When it comes to video content, the finished product— whether it’s an explainer video or video ad— should entice and inform viewers about your company and its specific products. A good product video is the difference between making sales and potentially discouraging customers from choosing your business.


As an owner of an online business, your viewers on both your website and social media channels are your most important resource. Taking advantage of all the digital channels at your disposal is the best way to catch and hold your viewers’ attention. Instagram stories and Snapchat stories are two places where businesses can quickly and temporarily promote products. This is a new and useful tool that allows companies to easily put out simple content involving their merchandise. Whether it’s a short snippet of a product video or a product image linked to your website, utilizing the story tool on social media channels does a great job of efficiently reaching customers with product and site updates.


A great product video is the best way to explain and sell your products. Product photography and videography tells a story about your business and the products you sell. When you display the items you’re selling in a beautiful and interesting way, your product page and social media channels connect with your potential customers in a meaningful way. Working with a professional video producer lets you bring your creative ideas to life, even when you don’t personally have the experience to do so with your own content. A video producer can help you make trailers for new product launches or create short snippets that are meant for promoting products on your company’s Instagram stories. No matter what the specific type of video is, having an experienced professional working with you is the best way to create engaging product videos and content for your website and social media.