How to Check a Doctor’s Background and Credentials


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According to the CDC, more than 880 million patients visited a US physician office in 2018. In that same year, 84.3 percent of American adults had contact with a healthcare professional. Twenty-eight percent of adult men and 18 percent of adult women in the United States don’t have a personal doctor or healthcare provider. Having a healthcare professional to visit is essential, as these individuals conduct regular health exams for the eyes, ears, heart, teeth, and more. A medical professional can provide periodic screenings for health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and different types of cancer.

Regular screenings and tests are beneficial as they enable doctors to help people prevent and reduce disability and illness. People who don’t have a personal primary care physician or those who are in search of a new one may ask people they know for references, as well as consult the Internet for information on a doctor. Seeking referrals can help someone find a new physician, as family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors may have a doctor they visit or know to recommend. People you know are likely to give truthful accounts about their experiences with a physician.

Many people who need a personal doctor can use a robust, convenient tool like the Internet, that optimizes the process of finding information. Web users often submit ratings and reviews about the services provided by professionals across various industries.

Conducting an Internet search can produce pages of results that list reputable doctors. Doctor-seekers can learn about physicians and read the opinions others have on a doctor, if the medical care and treatment they received was satisfactory and sufficient, and if they would make subsequent visits to that doctor. Internet users should bear in mind that the idea of a competent physician can vary from person to person.

The population, which includes an estimated 23.3 million adults who received a cancer diagnosis, deserves medical care and treatment from skilled, qualified professionals. Nearly 12 percent of US women develop invasive breast cancer. The search for excellent breast cancer treatment can lead them to the Richmond University Medical Center’s Breast and Women’s Center in Staten Island. Knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Richmond University Medical Center’s oncology program provide the best, high-quality treatment, care, and support.

Once someone finds a primary care professional that interests them, they might want to delve deeper and research that professional’s background. Considering the cases of people pretending to be physicians, making sure a doctor has the proper credentials is crucial.

Websites like, for example, are reliable web resources that provide an abundance of useful data. GoLookUp is a free online information database that aggregates public data and makes it easy to access. Using GoLookUp, people can search the names of physicians and anyone in the United States and find their address and contact information, mugshots, and arrest, police, and court records. People can use GoLookUp to search background checks on doctors, themselves, and anyone else.

People should be sure to check a doctor’s credentials at their earliest convenience, even if that means researching after an examination or appointment with a doctor. Knowing a physician’s name and location enables people to search for a doctor’s state medical board information, such as his or her education, certifications, active state licenses, hospital affiliations, and any disciplinary action taken against them.

Checking a doctor’s credentials is a way to feel confident about their competence in providing treatment. Patients who have confidence in and trust their doctors may develop an excellent physician-patient rapport. If the findings from a check into a doctor’s background aren’t satisfying, one can always search for a new doctor they’d be comfortable visiting. When choosing a doctor to see, people should make the best choice that fits their interests and medical needs, as they should entrust their health to someone trustworthy and skilled with the proper credentials.