Hobbies Proven to Raise Your IQ


a person cutting a piece of wood

Everybody needs a hobby. You work so hard every day at your job, then you come home to take care of your family. Sometimes you just need to have some time by yourself to enjoy what you actually like. That’s why a hobby can be a powerful tool for relaxation and an excuse to unwind. This is an activity you do for the joy of it without any pressure, just for fun!

Your hobby may be as simple as watching a few episodes of a show or playing a video game. Other activities may be a little more involved, like working on antique cars or going out for a round of golf. And some hobbies can actually work on your brain as you relax and help you to raise your IQ. There are unique ways to still give yourself a challenge or help grow your intelligence while you relax. So if you’re looking for a hobby that will bring you joy and increase your brain power, here are just a few ideas of things you could try.

Creative Crafts

Creative people are intelligent people because they can go beyond recalling knowledge and turn their learning into something new. This is why any creative hobby you can find will generally improve your intelligence and IQ. Take painting for example. With tools and kits at paintloose.com, you can easily find all the materials you need to create your own masterpiece. Through art, you get to tell new stories and express your emotions and ideas in a new way. Embrace your creative side to help strengthen your brain and your sensitivity.

Read and Investigate

You’ve probably heard this one before, but bookworms are more likely to have a higher IQ. Reading for pleasure broadens your vocabulary, opens your mind to new ideas, and helps you to think more critically. Even if you spend your day at work or in school reading reports or boring textbooks, picking up a novel at the end of the day can greatly improve your intelligence.

Beyond just reading for pleasure, reading can make you more curious overall. When you learn about a new idea through a book or story, it’s natural to want to research and discover as much as you can. That may even lead to another new hobby. For example, renowned New York lawyer Howard Fensterman once became very interested in diamonds and rock collecting, so he learned as much as he could about gems, and now has a successful hobby researching and educating the public about fun diamond-related facts diamonds. Reading opens up the possibility of learning about all new worlds and ideas.

Brain Teasers

Flipping through the newspaper, you’ll probably find crosswords, sudokus, and word searches. Doing these puzzles and brain teasers can improve the cognitive functions of your brain and even decrease the risks of anxiety or depression. Any sort of math problems or brain teasers can help with this, including following the Buy Low, Sell High side of the stock market. So give your brain the exercise it needs and have some fun while doing it. the good news is that if you decide that the stock market is your new hobby, you’ll give your brain exercise by following stock prices and you may even earn some returns or dividends on the way!


The body is intricately connected, therefore regular exercise can improve your body and your mind. The health benefits of basic exercise affect your cells and can help your brain operate at a higher capacity. So the next time you feel in a rut, go for a walk or hop on your bike. Getting your body moving can help get your brain going as well.

Play Music

Music has a tremendous impact on the brain. Studies have shown that IQ numbers go up when individuals take the IQ test while listening to classical composers. Learning an instrument teaches you patience, creativity, and analytical thinking. So if you’re looking for a hobby that will help increase your IQ and train your brain, pick up an instrument. It’s sure to do the trick.