Building the Better You


a person doing a yoga pose

You’re you, and nothing is going to change that. But what it means to be “you” is something that can change, and it’s up to you to shape the person that you want to be.

That means being true to your values. It means being the best person that you can be, following your passions, and achieving the things that matter to you while living morally. But it also means a whole bunch of smaller things, from the way that you wear your hair to what books you read. All of these things add up to form the person that we are and the image that we present to the world.

We’re not here to help you with your core values or your purpose in life—that’s between you, your family, and your religious or moral counselors. But what we can do is help you shape the little things and craft the look, feel, and daily routine that you crave. Let’s talk about building a better you.

Look Your Best

Looks aren’t everything, but most of us would like to look our best. How can we do that?

It starts with approaching beauty and style goals from a healthy place. Confidence is attractive, and critiquing your own look from a negative place is counterproductive. Try to envision how you’d like to look, rather than how you don’t want to look.

Collect inspiration. Whose sense of style inspires you? Whose physique looks the most like your goals? Collect magazine clippings in a folder or tape them up on the inside of a closet door.

Don’t forget: Healthy is hot. When it comes to looking radiant and in-shape, trips to your doctor and dentist (and the gym, too) are essential.

Achieve Healthy Goals

Your looks rely on your health, but looking great isn’t the only reason to focus on your health. If you want to be the best you that you can be, you need to be healthy and strong.

That means eating smart and exercising. Here’s where being the best you can be tricky. After all, diets are practically a way of life in our country—yet obesity still seems to triumph. How can you turn things around?

It starts by saying no to calorie deprivation diets. Instead, focus on eating the right stuff—namely, vegetables and other unprocessed foods. Look for healthier options for meals and snacks. If you eat the right things, then you’ll be able to eat until you are full!

Meanwhile, you should be exercising regularly. To make that easier to accomplish, consider seeking out an active hobby that will make exercise fun and commitment easier to come by.

Taking care of yourself also means paying regular visits to the doctors and other experts who can help you look and feel your best. Don’t neglect those pearly whites, remind the experts at NuLife Dental. Few things can make as big an impact in your appearance as a radiant smile, and oral health is also important to your overall health and comfort. You want to keep your chompers in tip-top shape so that you can keep chewing those vegetables and flashing that smile with confidence.

Find Your Home Sweet Home

Where you lay your head says a lot about you. If you want to build a better you, then consider starting at home!

The reasons for this are both practical and spiritual. A great bedroom is a practical thing, because a comfortable bed, blackout curtains, and a tasteful white noise machine can help you get better sleep, which will provide you with a host of benefits to your health and your moods. Then there are the many ways in which aesthetic choices can help dictate your behavior. Whether you set up a beautiful bookshelf or a wide-screen TV will say a lot about how you spend your leisure time—and will reinforce that choice in the future as you spend time in the room.

Just as you did with style and fitness, you should collect inspirational photos and helpful visual aids as you figure out how to craft a better home environment. Use the ideas you find as you build the home that you want to spend your time in. Make a welcoming space with an elegant bar cart, then hit up a liquor store to stock it with the classy booze that you’ve always wanted (even if you’re not planning to try all of it). Rearrange your furniture to free up walking paths and to encourage conversation.

Take On A Happy Outlook

People all over the world devour self-help literature for a reason. The truth is that it’s not easy to be the best that you can be, nor is it easy to be happy and contented. Still, there’s much that you can do in order to craft the life that you want. The tips above can help. Consider working with a mental health professional as you seek to improve your life; if you’re willing to put in the effort, you may find that a mental health expert can help you get the most out of the work that you put in.