Best Places to Get a Fresh Start


a person standing on a rock in a lake with mountains in the background

There are many reasons people may want or need a fresh start. Maybe you are going through a nasty divorce or recently lost your job, so you are looking for something new and different from your old life.

Traveling or even moving to an entirely new area is a great way to seek out a fresh start. Los Angeles offers beautiful weather, iconic sightseeing, fantastic activities, and one of the best nightlife scenes in the country.

There is nearly an endless list of reasons you should go to Los Angeles. One reason is the food. Los Angeles is home to authentic restaurants serving food from all over the world. You can go exotic or stick to the basics. At Grand Central Market, you can choose from tacos to egg sandwiches at the many food shops that line the aisles.

If you are traveling the Pacific Coast Highway, you can stop at Neptune’s Net for some mouth-watering seafood. If you are looking for a fun night out, you can visit one of Los Angeles’ iconic bars like the Tiki-Ti or the Everson Royce Bar. These high-end establishments provide the luxury and fashion that Los Angeles is known for.

When seeking out the feeling of awe for your fresh start, you can visit the contemporary art museum for the Infinity Mirror Rooms or the Griffith Observatory to gaze at the stars. You can also see the Foucault pendulum and Tesla coil while at the observatory. There is also the Urban Light art exhibit at LACMA.

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles is home to several beautiful beaches and parks. You can enjoy the water at Dockweiler Beach or Redondo Beach. You may decide to go boating or paddleboarding around Catalina Island or Balboa Island. Visit Joshua Tree National Park to witness the calm and quiet of the Mojave Desert.

If you are trying to start over after years of drug addiction, you can get started at a place like CAST Center, which is a drug rehab in Los Angeles. Even if you live on the other side of the country, CAST Centers have developed a program that treats addiction, as well as the person. They have an impeccable reputation that sets them apart from other treatment facilities.

Because drug addiction impacts every aspect of your life, including your friends and family, choosing a treatment center in a new geographic location can be a bonus. Being separated from your life for a few weeks or a few months can give you the space you need to see your life with a new perspective and truly get a fresh start. CAST Centers are located at 630 N Doheny Dr. West Hollywood, CA 90069 Phone: (323) 457-8208.

Some may argue that relocating is not a healthy way to respond to significant changes in your life. However, for many, staying still is even more unhealthy. If you just ended a long, agonizing marriage, it’s okay to want to be in a place where no one knows who you were before.

If you just lost your career job, you may be better off moving where the job market is better or somewhere that has new opportunities you can explore. Many reasons are going somewhere new can be beneficial.

For many, simply being in a new location can help their soles recover from the trauma of their previous life. Moving away from the things that remind you of all your past mistakes and hurts can be freeing. While you can’t run from your problems, you can run to new opportunities, a new life, and a fresh start.