6 Tips for Kicking Your Sex Life Into Overdrive


a man and woman kissing

If you’ve been feeling blah in the bedroom, you’re not alone. Plenty of people say that their libido feels low every day. Having a low sex drive can really put a damper on your personal life, your relationship, and it can even make it harder to focus on things like work and personal goals. You may also be experiencing a sexual rut within a couple, which can make your communication and overall affection levels take a downturn. Here are six ways to snap out of this rut and kick your sex life into overdrive.


1. Be open and communicative with your partner, or partners.

If you are with one sex partner, it’s important to be communicative in your relationship both in and out of the bedroom. However, that principle also applies if you have multiple sex partners. Take a day, or even a couple hours, to be open and candid about what you both want in terms of sex. You may realize that there is something you can each do to make the other have a much better time.




2. Know and love yourself, frequently.

It’s important to be confident and love who you truly are, and it’s also important to love yourself in other ways. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, masturbating frequently will help you get to know your body in an intimate way. You’ll learn your likes and dislikes and be able to better tell sex partners about how you’d like to be touched or pleasured.




3. Get out and boost your dopamine levels.

If you’re feeling lackluster in intimate settings, you may just need a jolt of energy to wake up your adrenaline and dopamine levels. Go out and do something extreme or exciting, such as bungee jumping, riding a roller coaster, or even go-karting. Your dopamine levels are also linked to your feelings of romance and attraction, so it may bring back those emotions and allow you to truly get it on in the way you and your lover or lovers would like to.




4. Go on a romantic getaway.

If you think that your sexual issues may be linked to exhaustion within your relationship, consider going on a romantic getaway to reignite some of those flames. Try new things together, rent a beautiful and romantic room, and go on frequent dates while you’re away. Your reconnection over a trip could be all you need to rev up your sex drive and improve each of your sex lives.




5. Try something that will make you go all night.

If your sexual issues are linked to dysfunction or if the sex just isn’t lasting like it used to, you may want to try something that will make you go all night and increase your stamina. Extenze increases your stamina, gives you bigger and harder erections, and is made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to help you fight your erectile dysfunction. The possible side effects of using Extenze could include nausea, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and diarrhea. For best results, use Extenze with the guidance of a doctor or prostate specialist. They will help you choose a male enhancement that is best for you.




6. Speak with a licensed sex therapist.

If your sexual energy is low, you may not immediately equate that with needing to go to a professional. However, no matter what’s going on in your life, you can always benefit from therapy. Sex therapists are specially trained to diagnose, treat, and talk about sexual issues. So, even if you just need a place to vent about the blockages you’re experiencing, sex therapists are a great idea.