5 Ways You Can Help Your Church


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There’s an indescribable joy as you walk through the doors of your church. When you belong to a community that truly lives the Gospel and acts as the hands and feet of Jesus, you can feel God’s presence. The power of the Holy Spirit washes over you like a tidal wave and sets your heart on fire for your Father. If you’re blessed to have a church home that lifts your soul in such a way, it’s important to be a part of continuing His work. Here are five simple ways that you can give back to your church.

Start a Small Group

Ask your church leaders if they offer weekly gatherings for members of the congregation. These get-togethers go by different names — small groups, bible studies, connect groups — but typically serve the same purpose. Various members of the church will lead to in-home or on-location meetings for others to attend to discuss the pastor’s message of the week. The more options people have for days, times, and locations, the more likely they are to attend. Starting a small group helps your church reach more hearts in Jesus’ name.


Outreached Hands

What we receive in a church is not a message meant solely for Sundays. You may feel that your pastor is preaching a divine word sent straight from God, but it can often get lost between the altar and the door. You may feel inspired by the message, shout “hallelujah,” but if you’re not carrying this new word with you, it gets left at the church doors. One of the best ways to live a truly Christ-like life is to be his hands and feet in your church and community. Shop for an elderly member’s groceries, install a replacement door for the church’s soup kitchen, wherever there’s a need, just step in and fill it.


Behind the Scenes Support

Volunteers are always needed in the church from front door greeters to parking lot coordinators. These upfront roles along with children’s ministry, ushers, and more are the obvious needs to be filled. The church is comprised of countless cogs and wheels all working together to provide a Christ-centered house of God. There could very well be a need in your church that you didn’t know existed. The media team could use help with cameras, the administrative office may need help ordering candles for Advent or arts and crafts materials. The best way to find your niche is to ask your church leaders where the greatest needs are.


Tithes and Offerings

Sure, financial support may seem like an easy or disconnected way to help your church, but it’s invaluable. If you’re unsure about how your contributions are being used, ask your campus coordinators. You may be surprised to know the level of impact your weekly offering is making on both your church and its outreach programs. Many churches even take weekly tithes and offerings and donate the entirety to a need in their community. So before you underestimate the difference your financial support can make, find out where it’s going and how it’s changing lives in the name of Christ.


Golden Age of Social Media

Are you a social media enthusiast? Do you enjoy documenting the moments of your life on various platforms to stay connected? Your church could use your passion for current outreach methods to support their ministry. When your church posts updates, share them with your friends on your various profiles. When you’re attending events, take photos, videos, and quotes that resonate with you from the message. Share your love for your church and you just might be the one to draw in new members. Each person that walks in the doors of the church and surrenders their life to God leaves as a new creation. A simple social media post could be the tool God uses to make it happen.