5 Ways to Keep Your LDR Exciting


a man and woman holding hands

If you are in a long-distance relationship, or LDR, with your romantic partner, you may find that life without each other can get a little monotonous. Since you are not always together to create new memories that you can share, you often end up chatting on the phone, recounting your days spent separately. That can get very boring. However, LDR’s do not have to be boring or routine. 

Your relationship with your partner, even if it is long distance, can thrive if you put in the effort and follow some key tips. If you are in a long-distance relationship and want to learn how to make it more exciting, here are five great tips.

1. Spice Up Your Long-Distance Sex Life

One key way to make your long-distance relationship more exciting is by spicing up your sex life. You may be into sexting or phone sex with your partner, but you can up your game by introducing the element of a sex toy or doll, such as one from California Dolls. Sex dolls may sound odd at first, but they are actually a great way for you to try new things separate from your partner and increase your sexual confidence.

2. Send Gushy Love Letters

Another fun and creative way to keep things exciting with your partner is to send gushy love letters to each other. If you are exchanging letters in which you are each recounting the ways in which you love each other and all of the things that made you think of the other throughout your days, it will remind you why being long distance was worth it in the first place. Not to mention, love letters are a great way to work on your writing chops and are downright adorable. 

  1. Find Activities to Do “Together” 

If you find that you are your long-distance partner hit lulls in conversation and you wish you had more to talk about, consider finding an activity to do “together” even if you are apart. Many couples will play an online game together or will watch a movie together. If you choose to watch a movie together, just make sure you are on the phone with your partner and that you each start the movie at the same time. That way, you can text or chat with each other during the movie or afterward to share your thoughts and opinions on it. Doing these types of activities together can create a stronger bond between the two of you. 

  1. Plan a Surprise Visit 

If you are feeling courageous and spontaneous, consider hopping in the car or on a plane and going to see your lover as a surprise. You can plan a bit to make it more special. For instance, if your long-distance partner lives in Chicago, you may want to make a reservation to eat deep dish pizza together or research a place for fine jewelry in Chicago. You can make the trip extra special by placing a gift at a jeweler on hold and stopping by together to pick it up. That way, your partner has a physical manifestation of the fun memories you had together. 

  1. Set Limits for Visual Communications

While webcam sessions are fun and an important part of communicating with your partner while you are long-distance, setting a limit for one or two times a week can be beneficial. If you know you only get to see your partner, even if it’s through a screen, on a limited basis it can make those instances more special.