5 Unconventional Ways to Find a Date


a man and woman kissing

Sometimes you just need a date. There are so many scenarios where suddenly it becomes necessary to be accompanied by someone, somewhere. From needing a plus one for your friend’s wedding to just wanting to enjoy someone’s company while getting “back in the game” after a long-term relationship, dating is a necessary part of finding romance and in many ways a societal expectation. If you’re feeling a little exasperated on the dating front, you’re not alone. However, there may be ways to snag dates you’ve never considered before. Here are five unconventional ways to find a date the next time you need one.

Play into the zeitgeist.

Hookup culture has really changed the dating game. You can hook up until you find someone you’re physically compatible with and then date them more formally if you’d like. You might not have considered the “hookup approach,” because you think of yourself as “old fashioned.” Hooking up isn’t about a lack of morality or standards; it’s about exploring all of your options.

When a relationship ends, all of your relatives and friends will quote the cliché, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” As silly and worn out as that phrase is, they may be onto something. By playing into hookup culture, you can actually go out there and meet some of those “fish.” Actual dating takes a lot of time and energy that you may not have right now. By hooking up with a few people, you can skip the awkward conversation and go out with someone you already know that you like.

The great news is that in this modern era, there’s an app for everything. Whatever kind of hooking up or dating you’re invested in, you can easily be connected with other people with similar interests. If your whole reason for wanting to date is to have sex, that’s okay. However, you may want to skip some of the more general dating apps. The Freefuckbook app is for when you need a no strings attached relationship. You can get what you need without any emotional entanglement. This is a great way to meet people before you’re ready for a real date.

Your friends know best.

Who knows you better than your best friends? Often, they know you better than you know yourself. The likelihood is that at least some of your friends don’t work in the same office at you, so ask them if they have any co-workers or other friends that you might be compatible with. If may be difficult to put this kind of decision into some else’s hands, but real friends want what’s best for you and could end up pairing you with someone incredible.

Get a new hobby, and maybe a new date!

You might not want to date someone who typically runs in the same social circles as you do. Why not try to find someone to date while picking up a new hobby? Join an adult guitar class at a local music school or set up shop in a pottery class. If you don’t end up finding someone, at least you have a great, new skill.

Consider your actual type.

Who would you like to date? Not, whom do you have a tendency to date, but rather what kind of person would you love to spend an evening with? If you want to go out with someone artistic, go to a gallery opening and talk to the people while they’re snacking on wine and cheese. If you’re looking for a businessperson, hang out in a bar after work in the business district. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. You never know where it could lead.

Date yourself.

The most unconventional way to date is by taking the other person out of the equation entirely. Self-care and self-love are so important. Finding out what you enjoy separately from a romantic relationship could be a really enlightening journey. Teach yourself that you are enough, so that when you start to date other people, you’re doing it from a place of abundance, rather than scarcity. You can go to a museum, hang out at your favorite coffee shop with a book, or walk around a park you’ve always wanted to go to. When you learn to be the best version of yourself, you may find that you no longer need to find a date, because people are seeking you out.