5 Tips for Opening a Five-Star Salon


a group of women in a room

Opening a salon can be a lucrative business especially if you decide to open a five-star salon. Going the five-star route takes a well-thought plan that covers every expectation of high-end beauty industry standards. Everything from fashionable stylists to luxury services with competitive prices must be factored in when thinking about creating a five-star salon. Here are some factors to think about before you begin planning.

Find the right location

Strategically choose the right location to open a luxury salon. You’ll want a location that attracts clients, has enough functional square footage, has a safe place for clients to park their cars, and the right amount of interior space to accommodate your concept. Consider a location surrounded by several retail businesses and take advantage of the customer traffic.


Define your concept

Think about who your target clients are, how they want to look and feel, and consider what kind of experience they expect. Use all of these factors to define your salon concept and the services you offer. When opening a five-star salon, you need to consider every detail, from how you want your employees styled to how your clients are welcomed. Your concept will depend on the type of salon you open, such as a small beauty parlor, a mid-sized beauty salon, a large spa and wellness center, or a luxury chain.


Create an environment

With your concept defined, it’s time to create a luxury salon environment that your customers will love. Successful luxury salons pay attention to all the small details that high-end clients will notice. Think about providing private lockers to keep belongings safe, soundproof any treatment rooms, use adjustable lighting and music, and purchase high-quality equipment. If your budget allows, work with a designer to create a functional, luxury aesthetic.

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Think about what the interior needs.

You will need to outfit your environment with the necessary furniture, equipment, and products. When it comes to these necessities, you can either purchase new products, find them gently used, or even rent what you need. Furniture-wise, you’ll need seating in the waiting area, a reception desk, hair and nail workstations, and massage tables if offering the service. When it comes to equipment, you’ll need hair and nail tools, beverage service, and other things like cleaning and sanitation supplies. If you decide to purchase used cosmetic lasers to save on your budget, consider looking into a reputable wholesale discount site.


Hire professional staff.

You need to hire the right staff to bring your concept and environment to life. Hire licensed professionals with the right temperament and experience working with high-end clients. As a luxury salon owner, you are expected to meet all client expectations and this is largely reflected by your staff. You’ll need some kind of administrative staff to handle bookings, inventory orders, customer service, and staff scheduling. You’ll need to hire licensed hairstylists, an electrologist if offering laser hair removal services, and aestheticians skilled at using aesthetic equipment.

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