5 Tips for Building a Work-Wear Wardrobe


a closet with clothes on the wall

Whether you’re getting ready for a girls’ night out or a fun day out, that sense of excitement that comes with knowing that you look good is just the best. You shouldn’t have to save that excitement for casual attire on the weekends — you should be able to experience it all throughout the week, including when you head into the office. Here are a few ways to build an office wardrobe that’ll get you excited for work.

1. Build up a good collection of staple pieces.

When it comes to business, you’re often moving quickly with little time to agonize over which skirt goes with which blazer. You probably don’t have the time to really sit and put together your dream outfits for the office. Honestly, you’re probably focused on just getting dressed and heading out! When you’re moving fast, you need a solid foundation of dependable clothing articles that will keep you up to speed (and in style).

White House Black Market is the perfect store to visit to collect all of your essential business attire pieces for your work wardrobe. Everything you need for a day at the office is readily available: dresses, skirts, blazers, blouses, cardigans, pencil skirts, dress pants, sweaters, and a host of other basic items that are perfect for office attire. White House Black Market has an excellent selection of womens business casual clothing, in addition to beautiful options for casual wear. Having a closet full of reliably fabulous pieces will ensure that you look amazing all the time, not just on the weekends.

2. Get some practical accessories.

Durable, yet stylish handbag? Check. Staple pieces of jewelry and wow-factor watches? Check. A classy wooden phone case to protect your smart phone? Check, check, check. Whether you use an iPhone SE or a Samsung Galaxy, you know the importance of having a trusty phone case. Limited 77 ismakes wood phone cases, and their sleek wooden cases would be a good option for your smart phone. Not only are these cases made out of natural materials, but they’re stylish as well. Limited 77 has plenty of designs to chose from, so be sure to check out their website and find the right one for you.

3. Stock up on shoes.

It’s important that you have the right pair of shoes to carry you throughout the day. While you’re out working, you may be on your feet several times throughout the day so make sure those shoes are comfortable!

If you’re a heel type of woman, more power to you! However, it’s always good to be prepared; carry around a pair of flats or loafers in your bag to switch into if your feet begin to hurt. For the colder months, you can carry these smaller pairs of shoes in your bag as well and wear boots or heavier shoes during your commute to the office.

As a general tip, try not to wear any sandals or opened toe shoes in the office. Even if your office has a casual environment on Friday, it’s never going to be that casual.

4. Pick a color scheme.

Are you into dark, traditional shades that go with everything? Does an occasional pop of color brings excitement to you? Are neutral colors your not-so-secret pleasure? Whatever your personal style is, feel free to incorporate it into your business wardrobe. Small touches such as a jewel-tone jacket or a bright pink scarf can bring a little life to an office that sometimes feel dull with work.

5. Include your personality in your wardrobe.

Honestly, confidence and a smile are the best things you can ever wear. Yes, your skills, experience, and work ethic may have gotten you the job, but your personality played a huge role as well! Your personal life often intersects with your business life, so don’t be afraid to merge the two proudly. Huge fan of your college sport team? Wear one of their sweaters to the office. Love switching up your hairstyle? Continue trying out trends that make you feel beautiful. Your personality deserves to be recognized when you’re all dressed up in business attire.