5 Things We Wish Men Knew About Our Vaginas


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Sex is a unifying force amongst all people. It is essential for childbirth and one of the most pleasurable experiences a person can have. However, despite the fact that humans have been having sex since the dawn of time, the vagina continues to be a mystery to most men. Despite centuries of sex, many men don’t know how vaginas work, or how to please them. It’s time to go back to sex ed. Here are five things women wish men knew about vaginas.

1. Most women crave clitoral stimulation.

When it comes to vaginal intercourse, men love to brag about how fast they can pound or how hard they can go, but most women aren’t really impressed. This is because the vast majority of women orgasm through clitoral stimulation, not vaginal penetration. The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings, compared to roughly 4,000 on the tip of the penis. In a survey of 1,000 women, 36-percent reported that clitoral stimulation helped them orgasm over 18-percent who preferred vaginal intercourse alone.

Men can apply this to their sex lives. Consider the site puatraining.com, which has a guide on eating a woman out. If a man knows how to find the clit and play with it, his partner will have much more fun.

2. You can’t tell anything about a woman by the shape of her vagina.

There’s a schoolyard myth that you can learn about a woman’s sex life by her vagina. A virgin or inexperienced woman will have a small, tight vagina with delicate lips, while a woman who has had more partners will be loose and “floppy.” This is completely untrue. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes. You can’t tell anything about a women’s sex life just by looking at it. This myth is nothing more than body-policing and an effort to shame women for having healthy sex lives.

3. Vaginal muscles stretch and contract.

Another reason you can’t judge a woman by her vagina is because it naturally expands and contracts during sex. When a woman is aroused and relaxed, her vaginal walls will expand. It is preparing for penetrative sex and this relaxing motion will make it more pleasurable. After sex, the walls return to their normal tightness.

A “loose” vagina does not mean that a woman has had multiple sexual partners. It only means that a woman is ready for sex. The more foreplay you initiate, the readier the vagina will be. If you care about the pleasure of your partner, know that a looser vagina is something to be celebrated.

4. Vaginas become sensitive after an orgasm.

Vaginas, vulvas, and clitorises have different levels of sensitivity. After an orgasm, they can be incredibly sensitive because of all the nerve endings. This is the same concept as when your penis becomes sensitive after you orgasm. Be gentle with your partner after they orgasm and listen if they don’t want you touching their delicate areas.

5. Sex on your period can be amazing.

Some men avoid women when they are on their periods. This sex might feel dirty or uncomfortable. However, many women feel incredibly frisky during menstruation, not to mention the fact that orgasms can lessen cramps. The next time your partner is on her period, put down a towel and turn off the lights if you are afraid of blood. Your partner will feel sexy at a time when they are normally bloated and both of you can enjoy the sex—and the shower after.

Most men have never questioned how a vagina works, which means they don’t know how intricate and complex it is. However, the more you know about this wonderful organ, the more the women in your life will appreciate you.