5 Reasons to Get a Service Dog


a dog wearing a collar

There are countless benefits of having a service dog, whether you’re struggling with a physical disability, anxiety, panic, epilepsy, loss of mobility, and other conditions. The presence and assistance of a furry companion provides comfort and support through hard emotional struggles and difficult physical situations. If you have difficulty with everyday life tasks or are experiencing a mental condition, you may be eligible to get an assistance dog to help you through it all.

Here are five reasons you should consider getting a service dog.

1. Supporting those with hearing loss


Service dogs can assist people with hearing loss in a number of ways. They can be trained to alert their owner of an alarm or smoke detector, the doorbell, traffic signals, and many other important sounds. If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss and are considering getting a service dog for this purpose, take the best online hearing test available to learn more about your condition. You can then make the decision to get a dog for additional support and guidance.

2. Leading and protecting the blind

Blindness is another condition that a service dog can help with. Guide dogs help their owners get around obstacles when walking through public areas, sidewalks, or streets. They are trained to help their master avoid danger, in addition to acting as a constant companion to them. They can also alert their owner if someone is approaching or entering the home, trying to take advantage of the person’s blindness or lack of awareness.

3. Detecting an oncoming seizure

A type of service dog called a seizure alert dog can help their epileptic owners in the event that they have a seizure. They can actually become aware of an oncoming seizure before the person knows it’s happening. This helps owners get the help they need faster. These dogs are trained to warn the owner and help them avoid injuries during the episode, and they can also get help by using an alert device.

4. Assisting with loss of mobility


Mobility assistance dogs help those with movement loss get around and improve physical function. They can help owners open doors, find their balance, retrieve dropped objects, and provide extra support while walking or standing. It’s comforting for these individuals to have a support animal to depend on, even while trying to get around the house.

Using a harness like a Joyride Harness allows you to better depend on your service dog for mobility support. They are adjustable, secure, and easy to take on and off.

5. Providing PTSD comfort

Those who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be in a constant state of anxiety and fear after experiencing severe trauma. A service dog can help these individuals immensely by providing constant support, reducing stress in a number of situations. They can also act as a physical barrier when dealing with other people, as well as provide love, comfort, and companionship.

Those with PTSD find lots of support from having an alert, intelligent dog with them at all times, and taking care of an animal can help them find purpose in their daily life again.

Investing in a service dog can be a safety measure or coping mechanism for a variety of mental and physical conditions. If you are experiencing hearing loss, blindness, seizures, mobility loss, or PTSD, a companion can help you manage your everyday life and activities that give you stress.

Many organizations, retailers, and even airlines now allow patrons to bring their service dogs with them wherever they go, so you will never have to worry about being separated during a stressful situation.