5 Diet and Exercise Tips for Prostate Health


a person eating a plate of food

For men, prostate health is extremely important. Cancer or inflammation of the prostate can threaten your health and one in seven American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. If you’re an older man, it’s time to start thinking about your overall health and what you can do to benefit your prostate. There are a few easy ways to improve your diet and exercise and with these small changes, you’ll start to feel healthier and stronger in no time. Here are five diet and exercise tips for anyone looking to improve his prostate health.

Try a prostate support supplement

A supplement is an extremely easy and all-natural way to support your prostate health. Check out Prostate 911 reviews and see why men everywhere are taking this product. Clinical tests have shown that Prostate 911 can cause a 353% improvement in relief of enlarged prostate problems and with great ingredients, there’s no reason not to try this supplement when you’re in pain or discomfort. Saw palmetto berries naturally support the prostate and Prostate 911 is filled with other excellent ingredients like green tea, nettle leaf, and mushrooms.

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Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables

A healthy diet will benefit your entire body in addition to your prostate. Make sure you’re incorporating plenty of green, leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and arugula. The vitamins and antioxidants in these vegetables will reduce your risk of heart disease and obesity while also improving your prostate health.

Take a vitamin D supplement or get a healthy amount of sun

A good amount of vitamin D will also keep your body in good shape. Lather on the sunscreen and spend some time outside every day. Don’t skip the protection—you wouldn’t want to avoid prostate cancer but find yourself with skin cancer. If you live in a cloudy area of the country, taking a regular vitamin D supplement can make up for the sun you’re lacking.

Eat foods high in lycopene

Tomatoes, watermelon, red peppers, and other red foods are high in lycopene. This antioxidant has been shown to lower the risk of prostate cancer so add some extra red foods to your diet. Lycopene develops as the food ripens, so go for the bright red tomatoes at the store (or better yet, grow your own and pick them at the perfect time). You might also want to cook the tomatoes before eating them, which has been shown to make it easier for your body to absorb the lycopene.

Have that extra cup of coffee

As strange as it might sound. coffee has been shown to decrease your risk of prostate cancer, so don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for having an extra cup. As much as four to five cups a day can lower your risk of fatal prostate cancer and for every three cups you drink, your risk is lowered 11 percent. Just make sure you talk with your doctor about the amount of caffeine you’re consuming to make sure you’re still making a good choice with your five cups of coffee.

With a few small tweaks, you can prevent prostate diseases and issues. Add a few supplements and new foods to your diet and you’ll help your body stay healthy for longer.