4 Ways to Leverage Your Call Center for Success


a man and a woman looking at a computer screen

Last year saw the rise of remote workspace throughout a wide range of industries, initiating a social distancing protocol that called for more offsite employee workflow, as well as alterations in customer service. Fortunately, technology has met the demand for office space alternatives, with new digital platforms making everyday compliance and customer satisfaction as streamlined as ever.

The most beneficial innovation for this type of outreach success is the emergence of virtual call center platforms, which have revolutionized the procedures of customer relationships or, in the case of the financial industry, lender-borrower communications. Here, we will take a look at those modern virtual call center trends and four ways that you can leverage your own call center for success.

1. New Customer Outreach


Every business owner should consider virtual call center solutions, which allow a customer service representative to work remotely from any location solely dependent upon their internet connectivity and hardware. These virtual call center platforms are ideal for remote workers, online small businesses, or (in an age of social distancing) when most potential customers use mobile devices for both research and communication. Call center software can provide an agent with multiple phone lines, as well as the abilities to transfer calls, take high-resolution voicemail messages, and even receive notifications when a potential call is coming. This allows for 24-hour service, as numerous remote call centers can work on different schedules.

Of particular interest to small business owners, a call center agent is on-call round-the-clock, meaning inquiries from potential customers will never go unanswered. As an entrepreneur, you’ll never miss out on a solid lead nor an opportunity to initiate a new customer relationship. By leveraging your call center solution into a virtual alternative, your organization has a 24-hour functionality with all-day onboarding potential.

2. Financial Account Troubleshooting

As a business owner, leveraging your call center is ideally catered for new client accounts, especially in exchanging personal information and financial matters. Take, for example, an inquiry regarding different types of business loans and the loan application process. While any call center agent can call up the needed information for specific inquiries, with a virtual call center alternative, the digital interface makes the remote call center agent an online lender representative. Here, details regarding every type of loan available (personal loans, short-term loans, or variations of a small business loan) as well as the caller’s credit history and credit score can be found. This expedites the application process. With a virtual call center, the turnaround time for credit checks becomes a faster process, much to the benefit of both the borrower and the lender.

Not only do small business owners benefit from leveraging their call centers, but traditional banks can use remote customer service solutions similarly. Through its integration, a new business entrepreneur may submit their business plan for assessment, determining the allowance of a business credit card, equipment loan, or startup working capital. Likewise, refinancing of an existing loan amount, monthly payments, repayment terms, and adjustments to a client’s personal credit score can all be conducted remotely and accurately.

3. Customer Service for SEO Improvements


Another major benefit of leveraging your call center is the success that comes from improvements within search engine optimization (SEO). As most potential customers use the internet in some form (mobile devices having become the most popular), a business’ search engine optimization is now a dominant factor in attracting a customer base. Through the customer journey associated with successful customer service, a call center agent may inquire feedback from the callers, garnering valuable information regarding their service and product preferences, as well as their sentiments about their overall experience with your company. This, in turn, can be used for keyword analysis and, ultimately, the SEO strategy you use moving forward.

4. Maximizing Referral Potential

Finally, the most beneficial outcome of properly leveraging your customer service center is the forward-thinking strategy of accumulating referrals and customer loyalty. When a satisfied client completes their interaction with a call center agent and the outcome yields a positive experience, they’re more likely to recommend your services as a great option to their friends or business associates for business finances and various financing options.

If you happen to cater to another type of business (rather than within working capital loans or related financial lending), a virtual call center can still be your best option for all forms of customer and client engagement, assuring you long-term loyalty and recommendations.