3 Ways to Redesign Your Bedtime Routine


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proper bedtime routine is a game-changer for unwinding during stressful times. Finding yourself entrenched in a historically difficult time, the importance of an effective bedtime routine has never been more relevant. It’s harder than ever to fall asleep peacefully when it feels like the world outside is on the brink of collapse. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to fine-tune your bedtime routine to ensure you’re fully relaxed before you drift off into sweet slumber. Here are three ways to redesign your bedtime routine to help you relax and wind down.

1. Consider trying supplements.

What better feeling is there than settling down for the night after taking a few health supplements, knowing they’re going to contribute to your overall wellness and actively work against health problems? If you’re interested in upgrading your bedtime routine with the help of effective health supplements, consider checking out Phytage laboratories, a company that possesses an impressive inventory of 100-percent natural supplements that have undergone comprehensive studies to ensure that they actually work. Some of their star supplements help support healthy nerve control, help ward off tinnitus, help manage unwanted inflammation, and even help increase speed of thought! Supplements are an easy thing to do to get healthy.

The various capsules from Phytage laboratories contain natural ingredients. The last thing you want to find yourself worrying about is developing a new health problem due to poorly formulated supplements. So, exploring Phytage laboratories’ inventory and seeing what they offer that might be relevant to your lifestyle and needs, could work wonders for helping establish nighttime peace of mind.

2. Upgrade your panties.

Many of us have that special bedtime outfit that we find ourselves genuinely looking forward to wearing. You know the one—it’s comfy, and soft and has relaxation written all over it. Even if you have a comfortable outfit to sleep in, investing in some new undies is also something to consider. You want to make sure everything you put on your body promotes excellent sleep, and soft silky panties make you feel luxurious as you drift off.

Soma offers a premier collection of sleepwear, apparel, and women’s panties. By a premiere collection, we mean that they’re rocking over 30,000 5-star reviews for their bras, as well as a 90% satisfaction rate for the actual bra fit. If this were a classroom and they were taking an exam, they just passed that test with flying colors. Soma’s panties are off the charts as well. We’re talking about panties like their embraceable super-soft signature lace high leg option, or maybe one of their classics like cool nights pajama shorts. Whether you’re looking for a bralette, cotton underwear or basic underpants, start with Soma.

3. Give yourself time to unwind.

With so many of us spending vast amounts of time on our phones and computers, we can end up numbly overlooking the impact that the constant screen time has on our mental state. Specifically, it’s a whole lot of stimulation for the eyes, as well as for the mind itself. Skimming dramatic, controversial news headlines and keeping up with your friends’ latest stories on Instagram does a number on the brain, and can rile up your central nervous system when it should be pumping the brakes for the evening. Making a conscious decision to detach yourself from your TV and cellphone at least an hour before bedtime is a powerful step in the right direction. Your strained eyes will thank you, and your busy brain might actually get a chance to catch its breath!

Routines always take a little work to get used to, but after a few weeks of following your new schedule, you’ll be amazed at how much a solid bedtime routine can elevate your mental health and help provide balance in a chaotic time!